House Judiciary Committee Passes Megan’s Law Bills Cosponsored by Stephens

The House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved key bills to strengthen the state’s Megan’s Law.  The legislation, cosponsored by State Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery), is designed to prevent sexual predators from evading law enforcement. 

“Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law was written to give the public the tools to protect their families when convicted sex offenders move into a community,” Stephens said.  “Unfortunately, we have gaps in the law, but these bills will close those gaps and help keep our children safer.” 

House Bill 74 requires out-of-state sex offenders who are required to register in their home states to register with the Pennsylvania State Police when they relocate here.  They must also be photographed and provide accurate information to police.  Offenders who fail to register would face a second-degree felony.  

 “As a former prosecutor, I know how dangerous this loophole is,” Stephens said.  

 The bill is designed as a fix required after the Superior Court ruled the legislature failed to include out-of-state offenders under the state’s Megan’s Law.  The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association supports the measure. 

House Bill 75 amends Megan’s Law to apply to transients and the homeless.  “Not having a permanent address is no excuse for evading Megan’s Law,” Stephens said. 

House Bill 77 amends Megan’s Law to allow the Pennsylvania State Police to set up a system so that members of the public can sign up for e-mail alerts whenever a convicted sex offender moves into their community.  “We can sign up for alerts for sales at our favorite stores,” Stephens said.  “We should be able to be alerted when a sex offender moves into our neighborhood.” 

 “Megan’s Law is critical to protecting our families from sexual predators,” Stephens said.  “But we can make it better.  These bills do just that.” 

The bills move to the House for a full vote. 

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State Representative Todd Stephens
151th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  David Foster

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