Stephens Backs Major Reform Package on Final Passage

State Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) today joined a House majority today to pass a major package of reforms.  

“I came to Harrisburg to help restore integrity and transparency and today the State House did just that,” Stephens said.  “We voted to give staffers whistleblower protection when reporting illegal activity, to strengthen the public’s Right-to-Know law, and to prohibit legislators from creating non-profits that receive public money - an abusive practice drawing many headlines over the years.  I urge the Senate to take up these bills and send them to the governor for his signature.” 

The package of bills, which now now move to the Senate, includes: 

  • House Bill 103, which increases penalties on those in violation of the Lobbyist Disclosure Act.

  • House Bill 104 and House Bill 105, which extends whistleblower protections to state employees and those under contract with state government.

  • House Bill 107, which bars an individual working for state government and who has been employed by a prospective contractor within the last two years from participating in the evaluation of contract proposals.

  • House Bill 109, which prohibits members of the General Assembly from creating or maintaining non-profits that receive public funds.  

State Representative Todd Stephens
151th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  David Foster  

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