Stephens Praises House Passage of PennWATCH Bill

Calling it one of the most important reforms the House has taken up, Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) praised his fellow legislators for passing legislation creating an online database of all state government expenditures.  

House Bill 15 creates the Pennsylvania Web Accountability, Transparency and Contract Hub, or PennWATCH. 

“This bill gives the public a chance to see exactly where their tax dollars are being spent without ever leaving their own homes,” Stephens said.  “This also sends an unmistakable message to state government that it cannot hide wasteful spending and we are all answerable to the taxpayers.”  

PennWATCH has the support of Gov. Tom Corbett, but it first needs to pass the Senate.  

“I urge the Senate to act quickly,” Stephens said.  “This bill will go a long way to restoring the public’s faith in state government” 

State Representative Todd Stephens
151st District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  David Foster  

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