Stephens Joins Majority in Support of Voter ID Bill
HARRISBURG-- Rep. Todd Stephens (R- Montgomery) supported legislation requiring voters to provide photo ID when voting. Current law requires a voter to provide identification the first time they vote at a polling place. The new law would require a photo identification at each election.

The proposal to require photo IDs to vote was first introduced in 2005 by a bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform chaired by former President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, and former Secretary of State, James Baker, a Republican, and is supported by 87 percent of Pennsylvanians according to a recent statewide poll.

“My constituents deserve to have their votes counted properly and it's essential to our democracy we have confidence in our election results,” Stephens said.

House Bill 934 also adds safeguards to make sure nobody is turned away on Election Day permitting even those without an ID to vote via a provisional ballot. Voters lacking ID on Election Day would need to provide the required ID via email, fax, mail or in-person to the election board within 6 days following election day.

According to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, more than 99 percent of Pennsylvanians already have a PennDOT-issued ID and the state will provide a free photo identification to any voter who requests it. The bill also permits other federal, state and municipal identifications, college or university IDs as well as IDs issued by nursing and long-term care facilities that meet certain requirements.

Voter fraud is a glaring problem in Pennsylvania:

In October 2008, Philadelphia Deputy City Commissioner Fred Voigt reported that ACORN had submitted approximately 8,000 fraudulent voter registration forms. Of those, 1,500 involved apparent criminality and were referred to the district attorney for investigation.

In May 2009, a six-month FBI investigation led to forgery and election fraud charges against seven Pittsburgh-area ACORN employees. All but one received two years probation. The other had his fraud charges dropped as part of a plea deal on other charges.

State Representative Todd Stephens
151st District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
David Foster
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