Stephens’ Bill to Address Gun Violence Passes House
HARRISBURG—A bill sponsored by Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) to require mandatory jail time for felons illegally possessing guns has passed the House with broad bipartisan support. The bill passed 190-7.

House Bill 2331 would impose a five-year minimum sentence without parole for felons caught possessing firearms, and it would define the crime as a "crime of violence" triggering Pennsylvania's three strikes law that requires a 10-year sentences for a second offense and 25 years for a third offense.

There is currently no mandatory minimum sentence.

“This legislation targets the worst, most violent offenders who, by the nature of their repeated crimes, have shown no hope for rehabilitation. These are the guys prisons are made for,” explained Stephens.

Statewide law enforcement agencies, including the Fraternal Order of Police and the Pennsylvania District Attorney's Association, support the bill. Stephens hopes the Senate will act quickly to pass the legislation.

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State Representative Todd Stephens
151st District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:
David Foster
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