Rep. Stephens: Governor’s Tax Plan Hammers Taxpayers in the 151st District
HARRISBURG – Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) urges every Pennsylvania taxpayer to visit a new website revealing the impact Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed $8 billion tax increases will have on them.
The website,, highlights the increase in personal income and sales taxes taxpayers in each school district will pay, and compares that to the funds proposed to be returned to property taxpayers under Wolf’s property tax shift plan.
“When it comes to the Wolf tax plan, the devil is in the details,” Stephens said. “Unfortunately, the governor’s plan would mean massive tax increases for my taxpayers without the benefit of much property tax relief.”
Statewide, once fully implemented Wolf’s budget plan would mean more than $8 billion in new taxes, but would only return $3.6 billion in new relief to local property owners and renters.
Locally, taxpayers in Stephens’ school districts would pay an additional $126,268,899 in sales and income taxes but would only see a $37,308,144 reduction in property taxes. This leaves taxpayers in the 151st District on the hook for an additional $88,960,755. The breakdown by district is as follows: 
School District Add’l Sales/Income Tax Property Tax Relief Net Tax Increase
Hatboro-Horsham  $20,312,115  $7,875,505 $12,436,610
North Penn  $54,631,713 $15,097,850 $39,533,863
Upper Dublin  $19,582,003  $7,837,450  $11,744,553
Wissahickon  $31,743,068  $6,497,339  $25,245,729
Total $126,268,899  $37,308,144  $88,960,755
Wolf’s proposed budget spends a record $33.8 billion – a 16 percent increase in spending over last year. To fund the spending increases, the governor has proposed a 40 percent sales tax increase by raising the rate and removing exemptions that currently exist on a number of goods and services, and by increasing the state’s Personal Income Tax by 21 percent.
“My local taxpayers already foot roughly 85 percent of our local school budgets while in other districts the local share is only 22 percent. To ask my taxpayers to pick up even more of the tab for other school districts is unconscionable,” explained Stephens.
Representative Todd Stephens
151st District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: David Foster
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