Stephens Comments During Suicide Prevention Month

State Rep. Todd Stephens comments about possible methods being contemplated by legislature to help lesson suicide by firearms, one being a proposed Red Flag law, HB 1075 that will temporarily remove guns from people in crisis.

Stephens Taking Action Against Suicides By Gun

At a Moms Demand Action rally, State Rep. Todd Stephens addresses suicide by firearms, saying that they are preventable by advancing his bill, HB 1075.

Stephens On Surcharge Assistance

State Rep. Todd Stephens describes the latest efforts to obtain funding that will help relieve rate-payers of excessive water surcharges. A $3.8 million grant to support water treatment efforts in Warminster, Warrington, Horsham and Warwick townships will remove surcharges from residents’ water bills.

Press Conference On Water Surcharges

State Rep. Todd Stephens leads a press conference concerning surcharge assistance in Pennsylvania.

Stephens Renews Call for Extreme Risk Protection Orders to Disarm Dangerous People in PA

Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) calls for consideration of his bill to disarm people who are shown to be a danger to themselves and others.

Stephens On Animal Cruelty

With Libre' in his arms, Pa. State Rep. Todd Stephens comments about recent laws that have helped combat animal cruelty and create tougher penalties.

Korean Declaration Of Independence

Pa. State Rep. Todd Stephens askes those responsible for declaring South Korea to rise on the House floor as he calls their names.

Keith Valley Challenge

Pa. State Rep. Todd Stephens honors all the people who make the Keith Valley Challenge day a huge success.

Legislative Report - Rep. Stephens On New Session

Pa. State Rep. Todd Stephens explains the most important legislative priorities for the new 2019 session.

House Passes Bill Protecting Domestic Violence Victims

Pa. State Rep. Todd Stephens argues in favor of House Bill 2060 which requires immediate relinquishment of firearms for Pennsylvanians who are convicted of domestic violence or who have a protection-from-abuse (PFA) order issued against them.