Jul. 21, 2020

HARRISBURG—Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery) today announced that he has been working with The Physicians Integrated Network (TPIN), an organization of 750 physician specialists serving 1.6 million patients in the Delaware Valley, to bring a COVID-19 testing lab to our area.

“It’s currently taking more than a week to receive COVID test results which is completely unacceptable. If we had a local testing facility, we would have test results much faster than shipping swabs out of state for testing,” Stephens said.

The Physicians Integrated Network, is a clinically integrated network located in Southeastern, PA. TPIN physicians comprise 54 practices and 200 offices and interact with 1.6 million patients in the region. TPIN represents the physicians as medicine transitions from providing episodic care to a more comprehensive delivery system where the emphasis is on keeping patients healthy. By being a clinically integrated network, the physicians can work with government agencies, commercial insurers, and hospitals to keeping our communities healthy.

TPIN, through a partnership with Mako-Medical based in North Carolina, has been afforded the opportunity to expand COVID testing in the region. Mako-Medical is providing testing in at least 8 other states and delivers accurate results within 24 hours in 96% of their cases. With rapid test turnaround times, the physicians of TPIN believe they can help our region return to healthy lives.

Stephens has been helping the group develop the critical mass necessary to make a local testing lab feasible by connecting TPIN with industries and government organizations requiring high volumes of tests.

"Representative Stephens has been unwavering in his commitment to helping his community stay healthy. Without his support, TPIN would be unable to bring timely testing to our region. The Representative has put politics aside and is doing what's right for his community. The leadership of TPIN is extremely grateful for his efforts” said Dr. Stuart Brilliant, MD, the
Vice-Chair of TPIN.

Health experts agree that fast, reliable testing and contact tracing is essential to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping communities healthy.

“Fast, accurate COVID test results are essential to protecting our health. A local lab would ensure we’ve got access to the data we need to keep our community safe,” explained Stephens.

Representative Todd Stephens
151st District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: David Foster
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