If the Legislative Reapportionment Commission has its way, Horsham will be divided between two House districts and your voice will be diminished. But there is still time to convince the commission that this plan will be disastrous for the community.

Last week, the Legislative Reapportionment Commission unveiled its proposed update to the House and Senate districts as required by the 2020 census. If approved, Horsham will be split into two different State House districts severely diluting your voice.

This must not stand. We must act now!

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The Legislative Redistricting Commission needs to understand the unique and complex state issues facing Horsham Township residents:
  •   As a unified township we have been able to clean up the PFAS left from the Willow Grove Naval Air Base. Horsham is the only township in Pennsylvania with a decommissioned military base which contaminated the public water system and remains undeveloped.

  •   In 2016, the state budget provided $10 million to build filters on 10 wells in Horsham Township because the township was united in that effort.

  •   The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has been working with Horsham since 2014 to develop a PFAS drinking water standard and support Horsham’s efforts to remove contaminants. And that work continues.

  •   In 2019 the legislature and Governor recognized the unprecedented challenges Horsham faces and created a dedicated funding stream of state tax revenue to address PFAS contamination and the redevelopment of the former military base.

  •   The PA Department of Health is currently conducting a PFAS health study in Horsham Township.

  •   A recent study found that state roads in Horsham will require extensive improvements to support the future redevelopment of the former military base.

  •   Horsham is unique due to the extensive involvement of the state Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health, Department of Transportation and the state-run remediation and infrastructure authority, and needs one, unified voice in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

  •   Splitting Horsham into two House Districts will result in disjointed representation with competing priorities on critically important state issues

  •   Splitting Horsham will dilute Horsham's voice and disenfranchise Horsham residents as they confront serious challenges involving numerous state government agencies.

The constitution demands that municipalities be split only when “absolutely necessary.” It is not necessary to split Horsham Township.

The commission has promised to make changes to this map before it is finalized, to engage in real discussion with communities torn apart by this proposal, and to thoroughly consider the people this map harms.

This gives you the opportunity to speak out. The public now has until Jan. 18 to express their outrage and call for Horsham to be made whole.

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